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 22,000 square metres of URSA AIR ducts at the new SAMBIL Shopping Mall (Madrid)


In September 2010 the M40 Shopping Mall in Barrio de la Fortuna in Leganés (Madrid) closed its gates due to high debt and entering into receivership. 7 years later, the Venezuelan company SAMBIL managed to open its gates again, on 24 march this year, to convert it in the biggest Spanish outlet.


To renovate the old shopping mall, Grupo SAMBIL made an investment of 59 million euros, which it has already amortised. Almost 100% of the 43,500 square metres of the shopping mall is fully running.


Moreover, during the renovation process, energy efficiency and sustainability were important factors. Proof of this is the installation of over 22,000 m2 of URSA ALU-ALU, by CLIATEC, the company that fitted heating and air-conditioning in the technical areas.


The URSA AIR ALU-ALU panels for construction of climate control ducts are coated on the inside and outside with reinforced Kraft aluminium compound. This entails numerous advantages that were taken into account by the people in charge of renovation. They have high thermal resistance, provide acoustic insulation, guarantee  the best interior air quality and optimum performance against fire.


There are multiple advantages by fitting URSA AIR mineral wool panels compared to other alternatives such as metal ducts. Mineral wool panels confer the right levels of thermal insulation required by RITE (Thermal Insulation Regulation in Buildings). In addition to absorbing sound, they reduce the noise made by climate control equipment that is propagated through the ducts.


Over half of the space in the new SAMBIL Outlet is for fashion shops, a third for leisure and catering, 9% for food stores and the remaining space for other services.